Cape Cod Hotels

Cape Cod hotels run the gamut from the quaint to the glamorous. Tourists from all walks of life flock to the Cape each summer and there are accommodations aplenty to meet everyone’s taste and everyone’s budget. Just be sure to make reservations well in advance.
Not all Cape Cod hotels are open year round but nothing closes during the high season of summer. Even though every hotel is open and running in full swing, leaving a place to stay to chance isn’t such a wise plan.
During the summer season, the population of the island, right around 230,000 full-time Cape Codders, swells more than three times, with hundreds of thousands of weary travelers looking for a nice place to sleep. Booking reservations as far in advance as possible is the best way to ensure finding accommodations that meet your needs at the same time they meet your budget.
All Cape Cod hotels have varying rates throughout the course of the year, regardless of whether they are open all year long or just during tourist season. Tourist season peaks in June, July, and August and hotel rates are the very highest at this time of the year.
Most Cape Cod hotels open in April every year to take advantage of tourists enjoying spring break from school and early springtime holidays. Rates at this time of the year are usually a bit lower than they are during the height of tourist season in the summer months.
After the busiest tourist season has passed, usually after the long Labor Day holiday weekend, most Cape Cod hotels lower their rates once again. The autumn rates are most often in keeping with the springtime rates.
Even when traveling to the Cape during the slower months of tourist season, it makes good sense to book a room before arriving. The area is host to special events and activities throughout the year that draw people by the thousands. Cape Cod hotels have a tendency to be booked up early for these events, regardless of which month of the year they are scheduled.
Some Cape Cod hotels do stay open all year long so it’s possible to stay on the Cape at any time. The number of hotels staying open all year long is small, however, and many of them are luxury resort-style venues. Even so, they, too, are likely to have rates that fluctuate throughout the year to accommodate the ebb and flow of the tourist trade.