Cape Cod Vacation

Got one of those families where everybody has different interests and wants to do different things all the time? The kind that finds getting together all in one place, at one time, and doing the same thing a mission a little too impossible to accomplish? If so, your entire family is going to love your Cape Cod vacation.
No Cape Cod vacation is complete without some time spent doing some seafaring activity or another. At Cape Cod, the possibilities seem almost unlimited.
Go fishing. Dig clams for an oceanside supper. Swim. Surf. Go boating, sailing, kayaking, canoeing. Hop on a ferry or cruise ship and see the Cape from the water. Tour historic lighthouses all along the Cape and visit the homes of famous sea captains in Brewster. Go to Chatham to find seals on land and in the sea or catch a whale-watching excursion in Barnstable or Provincetown.
Sports activities more your style? There are bike paths located throughout the entire area so bicycling enthusiasts can find many wonderful places to explore during a Cape Cod vacation. Golf is an important element of vacation at the Cape, too, and there are almost two dozen public golf courses from which to choose.
Baseball, anyone? Be sure to add the Cape Cod Baseball League to your Cape Cod vacation list of things to do. As one of the leading amateur leagues in the United States, the locals can boast that one out of seven players in the major league has played, at one time or another, on the Cape Cod league. Ten teams play all summer long, in ten towns along the Cape, and there’s never an admission charge for the league’s avid fans. Or their new fans, either.
Culture and education a desired part of your Cape Cod vacation? The Cape Cod Museum of Art in Dennis features artwork from everywhere but it specializes in the work of local artists and artisans. And the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History has educational and entertaining exhibits for nature-loving history buffs of all ages.
And what’s a Cape Cod vacation, or any other vacation, without a little shopping? The possibilities here are endless.