Landscaping Ideas for a Cape Cod Home

Need ideas for landscaping your Cape Cod home? Before tackling your Cape Cod landscaping project, you will need to create an overall plan of action and factor in the costs involved with your landscaping ideas along with any budget constraints.
There are many options available for you to create a quality Cape Cod landscape in your yard, so you need to have a basic design and layout idea to get started with your landscape project. The area you wish to landscape may also determine exactly what you can do with it. For example, what types of plantings will thrive in this location, the grade of the area, the soil type, and the amount of sunlight the area gets.

Cape Cod Landscaping Ideas

Most traditional Cape Cod houses are rather simply landscaped. Some of the classic features of the Cape Cod landscape are:
Your local Cape Cod landscape contractor or landscape architect will be able to analyze your situation, design and recommend a proper strategy for your new Cape Cod landscape project.
One of the first things you will want to consider is any hardscapes that you want to incorporate into your landscaping ideas. Any ideas you have about brick or stone pathways, walkways, steps, retaining walls, concrete pavers and other stonework will need to be the first thing to consider when starting a new landscaping project.